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Dr Amanda Hordern, keynote speaker on sex and cancer


Amanda is captivating and enthusiastic keynote speaker who draws from the latest research findings and innovations to provide thought-provoking, informative and uplifting presentations.

While Amanda is well-known for speaking about the great taboo of sex and intimacy after illness, she also presents about enhancing energy, healthy lifestyle changes, overcoming addiction and releasing past trauma.   Amanda shares simple techniques and motivational change management strategies to inspire.

With a warm and engaging style, Amanda is a master at sharing complex and often confronting material as she dispels myths, breaks down jargon and empowers and inspires her audience.

Do you have ‘what if’ thoughts that drain your life? Are you searching for greater calm, clarity and choice in your life?

Are you exhausted by persistent ‘what if?’ thoughts that cloud your mind and consume your focus? If so, you’re not alone. Clients often tell me ‘I can’t think straight and it’s messing with my head’. ‘I’m overwhelmed with all the worst imaginable worries as my brain works overtime to keep me stuck in fear’. Let’s take a closer look at what ‘anxiety’ and ‘worry’ are and dive into some practical strategies to de-clutter your mind so you can activate greater calm, clarity and choice.

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