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About Amanda

Dr Amanda Hordern is a leading expert in the health care industry both nationally and internationally. Drawing on her Cancer Council Victoria Executive Director Cancer Information and Support role, and from decades of nursing, counselling, teaching and research in cancer care.

Amanda has an extensive track record of providing keynote conference presentations and workshops across all states of Australia, New Zealand and in the UK, USA, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Switzerland. Amanda has lectured at postgraduate, Masters and PhD levels for numerous Australian universities in the area of cancer and palliative care.

In 2004, Amanda completed her PhD titled Sexuality and Intimacy in Cancer and Palliative Care and did not want her research to ‘sit on the bookshelf’ without changing the lives of the cancer community. So it’s not surprising that Amanda found her way back to the Cancer Council Victoria, where she stepped into an Executive Director role at Cancer Information & Support Service; a fantastic role that enabled her to bring her expertise in leadership, management, counselling, nursing, research and education together, to inspire a fantastic team.

In 2013 Amanda established a successful private practice Bayside Healthy Living where she has assisted thousands of people to ‘re-program’ their mind, drawing upon latest findings in neuroscience, to embrace measurable, positive and uplifting changes in their lives, no matter what age, culture, gender or stage of their lives.

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