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Sex & Cancer by Dr Amanda Hordern, resources

Sex and Cancer

Written by Amanda Hordern

Connect with Your Body and Rekindle Your Spark

Rekindle Your Spark Online Course Dr Amanda Hordern

Rekindle Your Spark

Online Course

8 Step online program to reclaim sexual confidence after cancer. Discover how to activate vitality and reconnect to your body.

Rekindle Your Spark Guidebook - resources

Reclaim Your Spark

Free guide

Learn how to adjust to life after cancer in powerful ways.

Amanda Hordern Resources - anxiety

10 Steps to Control Anxiety

Free guide

Simple strategies for when you are stressed and lack confidence.

Energy Activator - video

Energy Activator Video Series

Dr Amanda’s 5-part mini-video series is exactly what you need to get more done in less time with less stress and greater vitality.

Hypnosis Audio Downloads resources

Hypnosis Audio Downloads

Free download

Download all 3 of Amanda’s most popular hypnosis audios.