Do you have ‘what if’ thoughts that drain your life? Are you searching for greater calm, clarity and choice in your life?

Are you exhausted by persistent ‘what if?’ thoughts that cloud your mind and consume your focus? If so, you’re not alone. Clients often tell me ‘I can’t think straight and it’s messing with my head’. ‘I’m overwhelmed with all the worst imaginable worries as my brain works overtime to keep me stuck in fear’. Let’s take a closer look at what ‘anxiety’ and ‘worry’ are and dive into some practical strategies to de-clutter your mind so you can activate greater calm, clarity and choice.

Addressing the taboo topic: Sexuality and intimacy

Counterpart organisation Amanda Hordern keynote

Addressing the taboo topic: Sexuality and intimacy Many people experience changes to intimate and sexual aspects of their lives after a diagnosis of cancer. Yet it has been well documented that sexuality remains one of the greatest taboo topics in patient/health professional communication. Dr Amanda Hordern has experience as a Breast Care Nurse, Nurse Counsellor and […]

Sex and Cancer (Part One)

Carer's couch

Carers Couch – Couch Talk Series Sex & Cancer (Part One) A cancer diagnosis, and subsequent treatment, can present a whole range of confronting challenges, both for the person with the illness and their loved ones. In this episode, Dr Amanda Hordern talks about the ways that cancer can affect intimacy and sexuality within a […]

Sex, intimacy and blood cancer: the great taboo

Leukaemia Foundation - presenter

29 November 2021 Sex, intimacy and blood cancer: the great taboo Dr Amanda Hordern covers topics such as what we mean by sexuality and intimacy, the effects of the natural ageing process, impact of blood cancer and treatments, communication and practical strategies. MORE INFORMATION

Hypnotherapy with Dr Amanda Hordern

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10th October 2022 Amanda explains how the latest findings from clinical hypnotherapy, neuroscience brain retraining techniques and mindfulness can assist you to break the cycle of fear and ‘negative thought viruses’ and reset your mind and body to a happier, calmer place. BOOK HERE