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Sex and Cancer

The latest book from Dr Amanda Hordern reveals

How to reclaim your ultimate body and sexual confidence

“A brilliant and practical one-stop resource, lifting the taboo on cancer, sex and intimacy.”

This is the perfect book for anyone who’s been affected by cancer and wants to know practical solutions on how to spark joy again in their relationships!

Who is 'Sex & Cancer' for?

Whether you are recently diagnosed, living with uncertainty, or moving forward after cancer, you’ve been flooded with information, treatment options, and a wealth of support across so many areas, except one. You are left pondering how to reconnect with your body, how to maintain or rebuild your confidence and intimacy, and how to adjust back into the world without the Big C looming over you.

If you want to empower yourself or a loved one to reignite that spark, or as a professional, you want to know how to start the conversation with your patients and offer real, actionable advice… this book is for YOU.

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Sex & Cancer, Dr Amanda Hordern
Dr Amanda Hordern, clinical supervision & author of Sex & Cancer

How will this book help?

I’ve dedicated my life to providing the right information, at the right time, in the right manner to the cancer community. I’m a leading Australian health expert, my aim is to lift the lid off the taboo of sex and cancer. My extensive and pragmatic knowledge is built from years of experience as an Executive Director of Cancer Information and Support at Cancer Council Victoria, and decades of counselling, teaching, and research in cancer and palliative care. Drawing on the latest evidence in neuroscience, I’ve assisted thousands of patients to ‘reprogram’ their minds to embrace measurable and uplifting changes in their lives, no matter what age, culture, gender, or stage of cancer. So, please reflect honestly and consider, if….
  • You’ve lost confidence in your body and don’t know what to do
  • You keep wondering about coping with the changes in your life
  • ​You have difficulty rebuilding intimacy in your life
  • ​You struggle to see yourself as a person who can be loved and desired
  • You lost your libido and now you’re scared that you’re going to lose your partner, too

And you just wish that life has returned to normal but you find it hard to see what ‘normal’ is for you and your loved one at this stage of your life. Well, you’re certainly not alone and the good news is… My book is here to help you eliminate all the shame, doubt and struggle from your life and reignite that must-needed spark. It’s time to take charge with my incredible new book….